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  • I was out on the road this last weekend leading for a Youth camp and I tried something new that I turned out great. I really love using older songs like “Hungry” or a hymn like “I Surrender All,” and then mashing them with new song like “Always” and “Forever Reign.”

    So this past week as I was leading “I Surrender All” after the message but at the end of the last chorus we went straight to vamping the 1 and 4 right into the chorus of “Always” (Oh my God, He will not delay). Not gonna lie, it was pretty epic. There was something about putting those songs together that allowed us to go to a place I hadn’t in worship yet. Saying I surrender all and then hitting the chorus saying we will not fear, and that God’s promises are true, our God will come through always. . . was freeing and sang very well together

    I’ve always hated stopping and changing capos to lead a song and it seems to break up worship a little. But these mash ups and even putting things in the same key to keep the flow going allows people to really stay in that moment with them and God. Such a blessing to see and be a part of.

    Are there any mashups that you use frequently that work well in your worship settings?