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  • Have you ever had those seasons in life where you are completely dependent upon God? When it seems like everything is out of your control and you have to learn to trust. I have a love/hate relationship with these seasons of life. The problem is that I am a person who loves to be in control. And when things are out of my control I get anxious, nervous, and turn into this person that I don't like very much.

    So why do I say love and hate? Well, let me let you into the mind of PRC (yes, I just referred to myself as PRC) for just a second. As I said earlier, I hate these times in life because I am not the one that is in control. The human/sinful side of me says that I can figure it out. That I can somehow use my gifts, abilities, talent, brains or money to figure out the situation and make it all work out perfectly. But the really scary part is that sometimes the Lord says "alright, I'll step aside and let you do your thing" and then a little further down the road he says "So, how's that working out for ya"?

    Why do I love these times? Though this is harder for me, but when I can step back from the situation and say "I can't do this Lord, i'm trusting in you", I am overcome with peace and security knowing that I am doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do. Trust in Him, that's what God wants me to do, just trust.

    I have recently been in a season of change and uncertainty. But unlike the past, I am walking through this season with so much peace. So much so that I have had people in my life ask, "Why aren't you freaking out more"? Seriously, people that know me best are actually surprised that in these times of uncertainty and question that I have so much peace. So what's the difference? What's changed?