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Daniel Doss / Krissy Nordhoff
Praise The King

Bring your burdens bring your pain
We will gather, we will pray
Bring your sin and bring your shame
We will hold you, preach on grace

This is where we belong
Gathered in grace, safe in his arms
This is where we belong
Written in red, bound by the cross
Child, this is home

(Verse 2)
Bring your doubts bring your fears
As we wait he’ll make it clear
Bring your laughter and your joy
We will dance and praise the Lord

And He pours, and He pours out this love
And it flows right out through us
Then they know, then they know we are His
By this love

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More Info:

A couple of years ago my wife and I moved back to Tennessee and I began traveling to different churches leading worship. Up until this move we had always been on staff and involved at a church. Now, we were at a different church nearly every weekend. We suddenly felt disconnected from a local body of believers that we saw on a regular basis. Specifically we missed the connection we had in our small group. The day Krissy Nordhoff and I wrote this song I shared this with her. We started talking about community and how vital it is to our faith journey. From that conversation came this song.
Jesus told his disciples that their identity as His disciples will be marked by their love for each other. Unfortunately, church families do not always love each other well. It is fun to sing about the grace of Jesus, but are we engaged in the hard work of grace towards each other. This song expresses the compassionate heart we should have towards those inside the family. We are called to love one another. Through this love we find family and community. How can we love one another if we are disconnected? I’ve heard that our faith is personal, but it was never meant to be private. We were made to be connected. How can we love one another if we do not have compassion and grace towards each other? This song is a call to connection and compassionate community. It paints a picture of what Jesus told us to be known by, love.
1 Cor 12:26-27
John 13:34-35
Hebrews 10:24-25