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Meredith Andrews / Andi Rozier / Jason Ingram

When I think of all You’ve done
Every battle you have won
Who has seen a greater love
There is not one, there is not one

Your mercy deeper than the seas
Your grace God washes over me
Your faithfulness like the rising sun
O’ The Wonder of Your Love
So Extravagant

(Verse 2)
Countless are the reasons why
You are good and You are kind
More than all in You I find
You are enough, always enough.

When I needed a Savior
You were there, You were there
When I needed a healer
You were there
When I needed a Father
You were there, You were always there

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Ps 86:5, Lam 3:22-23, 2 Thess 3, 1 John 3:1
I basically just cried the whole time we wrote this song because Jason started sharing about how he had been recently so moved by the thought of God’s love being so extravagant and lavish. It’s outrageous the way God loves us! How do we capture that in a song? What is a word we could use to try to at least scrape the surface of the love that God has for us? We came up with ‘extravagant’. My favorite part is the bridge “When I needed a Savior you were there. You were there. When I needed a healer you were there. When I needed a father you were there, you were always there.” I sing it a few times and it’s the repetition that just lets the truth sink in and bring healing into your life. Maybe you didn’t have a father who was kind. Maybe you didn’t have a great childhood. Maybe you have a misconstrued idea of God because of the way you were brought up but he has always been a perfect and kind father and his love for you truly is extravagant.