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Take Me Back

Take Me Back
Meredith Andrews / Jacob Sooter / Benji Cowart

Take me back to the day I met You
When my dead heart came alive
I was running but You came chasing
You couldn't wait to take me back

I'll (so I will) sing of a grace
That's still amazing
I'll dance like a child before (my) the King
And I'll shout like I've heard it for the first time
You have come to save the lost and last
And You are the God who always takes me back

(Verse 2)
Take me back to the day I saw You
Through the eyes of my first child
Who let my heart see how much You love me
The Father’s arms will always take me back

(Verse 3)
Take me home to a place I'll know soon
Where sin and sorrow cannot go
And all Your fam'ly forever standing
In the glory of the God who takes us back

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Ephesians 2:1-6, Psalm 149:2-3 Luke 15
Each verse in this song describes different walks through life – the second verse is my favorite ‘Take me back to the day I saw you through the eyes of my first child.’ That moment in my own life is when I received a deeper revelation of God’s love for me. For so long I thought I had to prove myself and be the good girl so I’d be God’s favorite. But when I had my first son I thought, ‘I can’t believe how much I love this little person, and I’m not even trying.’ The Lord said ‘That is how I love you. I don’t love you because of what you do; I love you because you’re mine. No matter what you do I love you.’ That was a revolutionary moment for me.