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That's Who You Are

That's Who You Are
Phil Joel / Heather Joel / Matt Armstrong
Zealand Worship - The EP

I will sing when the world is upside down,
I will sing though the troubles overwhelm
I will sing when the reasons can’t be found,
I will sing though my heart is on the ground
And all through the chaos,
We will remember
You are moving and You are good

You are the rest for the weary,
The hope and the healing
God above all things, that’s who You are
You are the truth that is standing,
When the world is changing
You are forever Lord of it all
Yeah, that’s who You are

When I let go the treasures of my heart
When I lay my tomorrow in Your arms
There is peace like a river running free
There’s a song that rises up in me

The one who hold my future
You are, You are, You are
Forever working all things for good
My heart cries out declaring the truth
Of who You are; The Savior of my world


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John 8:32 “Jesus said to the Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My Word, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”


We live in a crazy world that tells us that God is too busy to listen, too disappointed with us to truly love us or forgive us, and too old to understand the days we are living in.  We can find ourselves settling into the rat-race of life. It can be more than easy to allow our time, our thoughts, and our energies to slowly submerge into a culture that tells us who God is.  Without even noticing it, we realize we are operating on a diet of “pop culture truth” and “Sunday Snack Time” when it comes to how we view God and the place we give Him in our lives.

As Christians, we can sink into the mindset of the world’s agenda and allow that thinking to permeate us, or remind ourselves of who God truly is.

Trusting in the Lord is a choice.  ‘How much’ we trust Him is a choice as well. 

  1. We can believe we are alone in this world and that our success in life depends on us.
  2. We can believe a bit of both: God will take care of certain things, but I’ll take care of the rest.  One foot in each camp just to be safe. 
  3. Wholly trust the Lord and believe who He says He is – all the way! 

So…just to be clear before we decide where we’re gonna land, let’s have a look at the truth:

In a world that is constantly changing, the TRUTH of who God is, His great love for us and His desire for us to be close to Him (because He is good and His ways lead to LIFE) is unchanging and unwavering.  He is the REST for the weary, He is HOPE, He can HEAL, He sees the world we are living in and, because He is God above ALL THINGS, He just so happens to know exactly how to walk through this life. 

He is our sweet Heavenly Father.  He loves us.  He can be trusted FULLY in EVERY area of our life. He made us for such a time as this and He promises that He will help us navigate the “craziness” this world is continually throwing our way.  THAT’s THE TRUTH. When we really get our heads around this age-old concept, it changes everything – for real.


(written by Heather Joel)